2023 All-Ireland Schools T&F Championships

After an extensive review of the All-Ireland Schools Track & Field Championships.

The ISAA Executive and its members have decided to put on 22 Finals on the Friday evening (2nd June 2023) and remaining 100 events on the Saturday (3rd June 2023)

Friday 2nd June 2023

  • 12 Field Events
  • 10 Track Events

Link to Friday’s Timetable: https://www.athleticsireland.ie/downloads/events-timetable/123.ie_All_Ireland_Schools_Track_and_Field_Timetable_2023_Fri_and_Sat__.pdf

Link to Saturday ‘s Timetable: https://www.athleticsireland.ie/downloads/events-timetable/123.ie_All_Ireland_Schools_Track_and_Field_Timetable_2023_Fri_and_Sat___1.pdf