Hurdle Specifications

Distance Height No. Approach Interval Run-in
Minor 75m 76.2cm 8 11.50m 7.50m 11.00m
Junior 80m 83.8cm 8 12.00m 8.00m 12.00m
Inter 100m 91.4cm 10 13.00m 8.50m 10.50m
400m 83.8cm 10 45.00m 35.00m 40.00m
Senior 110m 99.0cm 10 13.72m 9.14m 14.02m
400m 91.4cm 10 45.00m 35.00m 40.00m
Minor 75m 68.6cm 8 11.50m 7.50m 11.00m
Junior 75m 76.2cm 8 11.50m 7.50m 11.00m
Inter 80m 76.2cm 8 12.00m 8.00m 12.00m
300m 76.2cm 7 50.00m 35.00m 40.00m
Senior 100m 83.8cm 10 13.00m 8.50m 10.50m
400m 76.2cm 10 45.00m 35.00m 40.00m


  • The barrier height for Girls is 76cm, for Boys it is 91cm
  • 1500m: There shall be 13 hurdles and 3 waterjumps.
  • 2000m: There shall be 18 hurdles and 5 waterjumps

Throwing Events

Please note CHANGES introduced in 2016

BOYS Minor 3.00kg n/a n/a n/a
Junior 4.00kg 1.00kg 600g 4.00kg
Inter 5.00kg 1.50kg 700g 5.00kg
Senior 6.00kg 1.75kg 800g 6.00kg
GIRLS Minor 2.72kg n/a n/a n/a
Junior 2.72kg 0.75kg 400g 2.50kg
Inter 3.00kg 1.00kg 500g 3.00kg
Senior 4.00kg 1.00kg 600g 4.00kg