Competition Byes

Munster Schools Competition Byes Procedure

The procedures for requesting a Bye from Regional to Provincial and/or Provincial to National are outlined below. Requests which do not comply fully with the procedure will not be considered. Requests from Parents, Coaches or any person other than the designated School contact will not be considered.

Application for Bye into Munster competition:

Letter from Athlete’s School → Regional Secretary→ Munster Secretary→ Consultation with Munster Schools Athletics Board→ Decision to Athlete’s School.

If Bye is granted, athlete will be included in the Munster competition.

Application for Bye into National competition:

Letter from Athlete’s School → Munster Secretary→ Consultation with applicable Regional Secretary & Munster Schools Athletics Board→ Decision to Athlete’s School.

If Bye is granted, Munster Secretary will communicate decision to the Irish Schools Administrative Director & the athlete will be included in the Irish Schools competition.

Following motion passed at Irish Schools AGM 2017 Byes WILL be considered in relation to the following exceptional circumstances only: 

  1. If the applicant is sitting  a State Examination on the day of competition: Letter from School required

Byes will NOT be granted:

  • For Pre-Exams for Junior/Leaving Cert. Students have to make a choice between exam or competition.
  • If an athlete opts to compete in an alternative athletics competition on the same day other than a recognised International.
  • Injury is not considered a viable reason


All letters of application for a Bye must be on School Headed Notepaper & signed by the teacher in charge of athletics & either the Principal or Deputy Principal. Letters may be e-mailed to the Munster Schools Secretary at with the original to follow by post (Address: Aisling Hoey, Ballyduff Road, Two Mile Borris, Thurles, Co. Tipperary). 

Bye Deadline: All Byes have to be made at least 72 hours before the actual competition.

For each competition, once the deadline for receipt of Byes has passed, all applications will be dealt with in block & the outcome of ALL appeals will be announced together.

Replacements: For all non-laned events (ie events exceeding 400m) & Field Events, replacements shall be made from region first & then on standby thereafter.

Relevant Contacts:

Munster Chairperson: Mary Ashe
Munster Schools Secretary: Aisling Hoey
East Munster Schools Regional Secretary: Mary Ashe
North Munster Schools Regional Secretary: Greg Ashe
South Munster Schools Regional Secretary: Liam O’Brien

Last updated: January 2018